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VARAcombat Martial Arts of Persia

Persian Martial Arts [VARAcombat]

Persian Warriors were primarily made up of two groups :

i) Pahlevanan 
ii) Ayyaran

The former were larger than life figures , whose exploits became myths ; often acted as royal champions ,  representing the King and the Persian Empire in individual combat on the battlefield.  Ayyaran operated mainly in groups , often behind the scene ,  gathering  intelligence & working clandestine operations. They were nimble , quick , experts in camouflage ; Proficient in infiltrating behind enemy lines  & night combat.

The Seven Components of Persian Warrior Arts 

I)        Varzesh Baastani ~ (PAHLEVANI) Preparations , Conditioning & Weapon Drills
II)       Kushti ~  WRESTLING , (Ground Fighting Techniques)
III)      Boxe Perse  ~ KOOBESH (zarbeii) Striking Techniques ,Utilizing Hands / Feet.
IV)      Nabard Abzar  RAZM-AFZAR (Practice of Weapons) of Cavalry & Infantry.
V)        Estetar-O-Shabrow ~ Stealth , Camouflage and Night training.
VI)       Geeyah-Darmani ~  Herbalogy & Breath Control Exercises.
VII)     Maram Pahlevai ~  Spiritual (BELIEFS) Development & Warrior Code of Conduct.

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